Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Vigil for Ukraine – Saturday 25 February at 12.00

Please read this message from a Ukrainian living in Penrith, and come along and show your support.

Dear local friends. It’s nearly a year since the beginning of full-scale war in Ukraine. The war that shattered lives of millions. The war that we did not believe could happen.

This past 12 months is the darkest time in lives of all Ukrainians. But with support from all over the world, we believe in our victory and pray that it happens soon.

Please, come and join the local Ukrainian community and Carlisle One World Centre and show your ongoing support, support that we value so much.

Bring your kids, maybe they have Ukrainian children at school and want to make a poster to show their support. Half of Ukrainian community in Cumbria are kids!

We will have a minute of silence, sing the national anthem and another Ukrainian song that became a symbol of this war.

And please – share, share, share this post. We want everyone to know about this event!

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