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Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

How Not to Drown – a Powerful Theatre Production

One of the UK’s most prominent physical theatre companies, ThickSkin is bringing its timely production How Not To Drown to the Theatre By The Lake in Keswick from 28 February-2 March 2023. Written by Nicola McCartney and Dritan Kastrati, this is a highly visual production telling the painful yet uplifting true story of an eleven-year-old unaccompanied asylum-seeker.

In 2002, in the turmoil after the end of the Kosovan War, Dritan is sent on the notoriously perilous journey across the Adriatic with a gang of people smugglers to a new life in Europe. He relies on his young wit and charm to make it to the UK. But the fight for survival continues as he clings to his identity and sense of self when he ends up in the British care system. How Not to Drown is performed by an ensemble cast starring Dritan Kastrati himself.

PERN has partnered with ThickSkin to promote the production and its important messages and will benefit from the proceeds of merchandise sales. Book your tickets at

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