Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

PERN wishes to give a warm welcome to new local residents living in a hotel in Carlisle whilst they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.     The new residents are provided with a room or shared room and three meals a day – but they are not allowed to work, attend formal adult… Continue reading Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

Penrith English Conversation Volunteer Role

We are looking for a friendly, nurturing, organised volunteer to relaunch and coordinate this group. The group meets weekly in Penrith library to support anyone wanting to improve their English, however shy or confident they feel. The group provides an informal environment for speaking English and making friendships.  If you like to be empathetic and… Continue reading Penrith English Conversation Volunteer Role

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Rwanda UK Asylum Seeker Proposal

PERN has written to local MP Neil Hudson to ask him for a position statement about the Government’s plan to send people seeking asylum in the UK to Rwanda. We’ve expressed our outrage and shock at the despicable, unworkable proposal.  We invite you to email Dr Hudson too, at   If you prefer, you can use… Continue reading Rwanda UK Asylum Seeker Proposal

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

We feel for the plight of all who are fleeing war and persecution in so many places around the world. We speak out about the deeply divisive way this government treats refugees and asylum seekers, most obviously in the Nationality and Borders Bill that is currently passing through Parliament. We also say firmly that race… Continue reading Homes for Ukraine Scheme

One-woman Show and PERN Social -9 April

Rural Highlights brings Tickbox to Penrith at 7.30pm on Saturday 9 April. It’s a one-hour, semi-autobiographical, one-woman play in Scots-English and Urdu, which combines theatre, storytelling, and comedy to interweave the journeys of two Scottish Pakistani women.  Please join us for a PERN social after the show, where there will be an informal chat with Lubna and… Continue reading One-woman Show and PERN Social -9 April

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Escape to Safety

The powerful interactive exhibition, Escape to Safety, is coming to Ullswater Community College from 25 April to 6 May. Created by Global Link in Lancaster, it’s designed to raise awareness of the plight of asylum seekers – you can put yourself in their shoes and listen to real refugee stories as you move through the exhibition. It is closely linked to the Secondary PSHE curriculum, and will be available… Continue reading Escape to Safety

Vigil for Peace – Saturday 19 March

We’re holding a Vigil for Peace on Saturday 19 March from 11am to noon. We will gather in Christ Church grounds (CA11 9EL) under the cherry tree. For part of the vigil we will hold silence, at other times we will offer music, readings and song. Vigil for Peace

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Refugee Crisis: Ukraine

The events unfolding in Ukraine are bringing home the horror of war, this time in Europe.  Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are pouring over borders into western Europe.Countries like Poland and Ireland are waiving visa requirements and allowing them free passage – but not the UK.  PERN supports the rights of all refugees and… Continue reading Refugee Crisis: Ukraine

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Local Event – Penrith’s Syrian Kitchen

In the small kitchen of her home in Cumbria, Walaa Asfar recreates the culinary delights of her Syrian girlhood. Vine leaves stuffed with fragrant rice, spicy lentil soup, minty tabbouleh scattered with pomegranate seeds, baked chicken with almonds, gooey baklava… Cooking has always been a source of delight for Walaa. It became a lifeline when… Continue reading Local Event – Penrith’s Syrian Kitchen