Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

About PERN

How we treat refugees is about who we are.

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network (PERN) is a registered charity that was formed in 2017 as a community response to refugees from Syria arriving in the community under the Home Office Resettlement Programme. We now have over 550 members and many more supporters. We are united in celebrating diversity, welcoming and supporting refugees in both Penrith and Eden and Carlisle, campaigning, and learning about the complex reasons why people have to leave their home countries to make a new life in the UK.


We are members of City of Sanctuary and collaborate with many other organisations locally and further afield. We recognise that working with other organisations makes us all stronger, and we welcome our links with charities, churches, colleges and many other groups that share our aims. We support the national campaign Together with Refugees. 


We are happy to welcome refugees and asylum seekers into Penrith and Eden, Carlisle and across Cumbria. Our community is enriched by the economic and cultural contributions of our increasingly diverse population – and this very much includes refugees. We believe that people in Penrith and Eden want kindness and compassion in their own lives, in our communities, and for others. 

Our Goals

  • To promote social inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in North Cumbria and beyond 

  • To provide practical support to help refugees and asylum seekers help integrate into society

  • To foster understanding and good relations between the general public and people of different races and
    ethnicities, including those with asylum, refugee or immigrant status, including campaigning work
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