Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Rent a Room – Finding Homes for New Refugees

PERN volunteers sometimes have the privilege of sharing very special moments when people seeking asylum are granted refugee status. The joy and relief for someone to know they have a safe country to live in and can begin to make a new life is beyond measure.


However, alongside this, for a new refugee, comes the stark reality of getting 28 days’ notice to leave the accommodation they have been placed in, and finding their own place to live.


PERN is exploring how we could provide practical housing options for single people (who don’t have Council housing priority status) who wish to stay in the local area. We’re looking at starting a scheme for new refugees to lodge in local homes (paying a basic rent but with excluded tenancy rights). People granted refugee status have the right to work and can receive benefits including housing benefit.


We are moving quickly on this new project as people in the Carlisle hotels are starting to be granted refugee status and some, having had good experience of living in Carlisle, want to remain local.


Are you able to provide a room to a new refugee to help them get on their feet? If you live in Carlisle or Penrith, or somewhere on a regular public transport route, and are interested in finding out more, please join us at our Information Session on Monday 17th July (7pm) or email Finding out more does not commit you.


If you don’t have a spare room but would like to spread the word, you can download the flyer.

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