Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

PERN wishes to give a warm welcome to new local residents living in a hotel in Carlisle whilst they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.     The new residents are provided with a room or shared room and three meals a day – but they are not allowed to work, attend formal adult… Continue reading Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

Escape to Safety

The powerful interactive exhibition, Escape to Safety, is coming to Ullswater Community College from 25 April to 6 May. Created by Global Link in Lancaster, it’s designed to raise awareness of the plight of asylum seekers – you can put yourself in their shoes and listen to real refugee stories as you move through the exhibition. It is closely linked to the Secondary PSHE curriculum, and will be available… Continue reading Escape to Safety

Local Event – Penrith’s Syrian Kitchen

In the small kitchen of her home in Cumbria, Walaa Asfar recreates the culinary delights of her Syrian girlhood. Vine leaves stuffed with fragrant rice, spicy lentil soup, minty tabbouleh scattered with pomegranate seeds, baked chicken with almonds, gooey baklava… Cooking has always been a source of delight for Walaa. It became a lifeline when… Continue reading Local Event – Penrith’s Syrian Kitchen

Local Event – Tents and Sleeping bags needed!

Carlisle Refugee Action Group (CRAG) are looking for tents, sleeping bags and men’s clothing (small and medium only) to send to Calais. We often think that clothes are the most important things to donate, however, in Calais this winter there will be a desperate need for somewhere to keep warm – a TENT and a… Continue reading Local Event – Tents and Sleeping bags needed!