Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

PERN makes commitment to Anti-Racism

Our March learning event highlighted the importance we place on anti-racism in our work. We were very pleased that tickets sold out for the evening event in Penrith, which was facilitated by Anti Racist Cumbria, with delicious Syrian food. PERN is committed to an anti-racist learning journey and we will be thinking about how this… Continue reading PERN makes commitment to Anti-Racism

Vigil for Turkiye and Syria – Sunday 26 February at 5pm

Sunday 26th February 5pm St Andrew’s Church Yard, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 7YE A time for silence, grief and solidarity. All welcome. For questions and offerings of music, song, poetry or art please contact

Vigil for Ukraine – Saturday 25 February at 12.00

Please read this message from a Ukrainian living in Penrith, and come along and show your support. Dear local friends. It’s nearly a year since the beginning of full-scale war in Ukraine. The war that shattered lives of millions. The war that we did not believe could happen. This past 12 months is the darkest… Continue reading Vigil for Ukraine – Saturday 25 February at 12.00

Winterization Campaign

As we usually do at this time of the year, we’re encouraging our members to donate to Mobile Refugee Support (MRS). They do incredible work, as one of the only organisations in Dunkirk regularly distributing essential items to ensure that people are not forced to sleep rough in the woods or under bridges. They also… Continue reading Winterization Campaign

Hostile – Documentary Film Screening

Please join us at the Alhambra cinema in Penrith on Sunday 25 September at 5.45pm to watch the powerful new documentary film, Hostile, followed by a discussion and social in the Fell Bar.     Told through the eyes of four participants from Black and Asian backgrounds, the film focuses on the impact of evolving immigration policies that… Continue reading Hostile – Documentary Film Screening

Alston Evening – Support Care for Calais

Care for Calais are a brilliant volunteer-run refugee charity working with refugees in the UK, France and Belgium. There will be a social and fundraising evening on 26 August at Alston Town Hall, with speakers who have recently returned from Calais who can tell you more about their work.   All welcome – please come… Continue reading Alston Evening – Support Care for Calais

Learning English

One of PERN’s activities is English language support, and here are three ways in which learning takes place.   St John’s CarlisleSince April this year people seeking asylum have been placed by the Home Office in a hotel in Carlisle. People who arrive in the UK from Ukraine, or from Syria or Afghanistan on the resettlement programme, are… Continue reading Learning English

Migration Project

The Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) is looking for people to take part in a heritage project researching and documenting immigration and emigration stories to and from the Northwest of England since Roman times.   Global Link in Lancaster is leading the project with development education partners in Liverpool, Manchester, Cumbria and Cheshire. It will result in a digital… Continue reading Migration Project

Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

PERN wishes to give a warm welcome to new local residents living in a hotel in Carlisle whilst they wait for their asylum applications to be processed.     The new residents are provided with a room or shared room and three meals a day – but they are not allowed to work, attend formal adult… Continue reading Seeking an Asylum and Refugee Coordinator

Escape to Safety

The powerful interactive exhibition, Escape to Safety, is coming to Ullswater Community College from 25 April to 6 May. Created by Global Link in Lancaster, it’s designed to raise awareness of the plight of asylum seekers – you can put yourself in their shoes and listen to real refugee stories as you move through the exhibition. It is closely linked to the Secondary PSHE curriculum, and will be available… Continue reading Escape to Safety