Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Say No To Rwanda

We stand with refugees who seek safety from war and persecution. Friends who receive ‘Rwanda letters’ please get in touch. We will stand by you and work with other organisations to prevent anyone being forcibly expelled.

Illegal Migration Bill

Please write to your local MP about the Illegal Migration Bill which is being debated in Parliament.   We remain profoundly concerned by the new Bill. This legislation is not the way to resolve the issue of small boat crossings. There are alternative policy approaches – such as dealing with the backlog of asylum claims and opening… Continue reading Illegal Migration Bill

NO to Rwanda

We’re getting together on Saturday 24, 12pm-2pm, at St Andrew’s Church in Penrith to say NO to the Government’s scheme to banish refugees to Rwanda. This is a real threat to many people – we are aware of 30 Cumbrian residents who have recently received ‘letters of intent’ placing them under consideration for deportation to… Continue reading NO to Rwanda

Fill the Skies with Hope

The national campaign group Together With Refugees is planning a day of action on Friday 23 September. The aim is to urge the new Prime Minister to change course on the government’s policy to banish refugees to Rwanda.   PERN will be joining groups across the country to Fill the Skies with Hope, making and sending… Continue reading Fill the Skies with Hope

Stop the Rwanda Flights

We are reposting here an important message from the national Together With Refugees website. It explains what is happening with the policy now, and what actions we can take to stop the flights.A few weeks ago, people power and some smart legal work stopped a plane that was to take refugees to Rwanda. But the fight is not over.The… Continue reading Stop the Rwanda Flights

Rwanda UK Asylum Seeker Proposal

PERN has written to local MP Neil Hudson to ask him for a position statement about the Government’s plan to send people seeking asylum in the UK to Rwanda. We’ve expressed our outrage and shock at the despicable, unworkable proposal.  We invite you to email Dr Hudson too, at   If you prefer, you can use… Continue reading Rwanda UK Asylum Seeker Proposal

Homes for Ukraine Scheme

We feel for the plight of all who are fleeing war and persecution in so many places around the world. We speak out about the deeply divisive way this government treats refugees and asylum seekers, most obviously in the Nationality and Borders Bill that is currently passing through Parliament. We also say firmly that race… Continue reading Homes for Ukraine Scheme

Nationality and Borders Bill

This is a crucial piece of legislation and, from the very outset, hundreds of organisations, including PERN, have opposed its cruel approach to the asylum system. It would see refugees treated differently depending on how they arrive in the UK, be criminalised for entering irregularly, and potentially be flown overseas to have their asylum application… Continue reading Nationality and Borders Bill

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