Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Say No To Rwanda

Say No to Rwanda

Message from Sarah Wilson, Director

We stand with refugees who seek safety from war and persecution. Friends who receive ‘Rwanda letters’ please get in touch. We will stand by you and work with other organisations to prevent anyone being forcibly expelled.


The passing of the ‘Safety of Rwanda Act’ is a deeply sad moment in the history of the UK. The Rwanda scheme betrays who we are as a country where refugees have always been welcomed. It is unworkable, expensive and puts those seeking safety in danger. It breaks international law. People will be removed to a country they have no connection to, despite the ruling of our country’s Supreme Court that it is unsafe for them.


We do not want this divisive short-term law which wastes human potential and puts so much stress on those who are impacted. We want a new plan for refugees – one that is fair, kind and gets the system working again, for everyone.

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