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International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

With Penrith Welcomes Diversity

On Wednesday 6th March we had a fabulous celebration in anticipation of International Women’s Day with 13 nationalities represented in the room. Sarah Wilson, Director of PERN, said “this is Penrith”.

We listened to three Human books that were very moving. Definitely hearing other people’s life stories can modify our own story.

Our first human book was by Arianna Salaris. The title was: “Aretha Franklin in my living room”. It was a reflection on music, art, black singers, women, vocation and destiny, inspired by the book “The soul’s code” written by James Hillman, the famous Jungian writer and psychologist, father of the archetypal psychology.

Then we had our second author Fatima from Syria, who shared her journey and dreams with the audience.

Our last book was by an East Asian male, whose name is Bing, who shared his knowledge of women’s rights in China under the influence of traditional East Asian culture, where each generation of women have experienced forms of discrimination.

In this way we all agree that there is a long way to go to guarantee equality and this a battle that involves everyone. We need to watch other peoples back because at the end of the day men are sons, husbands and brothers. It is not about black women rights but is about Asian, African, European, British, human rights… In this process it is important to hold each others hand and not let go. We truly believe that we can make the difference and break this circle of oppression. We were moved when Bing’s wife Hui showed her foot to say she doesn’t need to wear the shoes that her ancestor wore.

Thank you to Hui and Georgia who played some beautiful Cello and Kaval music. You made our day!

Thank you also to Yulia for painting during our meeting. When she completed her artwork, a very beautiful rose, she said: “women are as beautiful as roses, because they are sweet and kind, but sometimes they can hurt you with their thorns. And sometimes they are confusing and difficult to understand, like lines in a painting , but these particular aspects have there own beauty and make woman interesting and attractive.”

We ended our day with the amazing Ella Jarman Pinto singing her own songs, that she used to perform with the women of her family. A lady in the room said it was the first time she had heard a professional singer.

In conclusion , in the words of Aretha Franklin : ” Women deserve “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”! And as Yulia added ” Not just today but every day “.
Happy international day of women’s! Shall we not forget that.🥰💐💖

Credits: Photos by Cristian Condori
Text by: Arianna, Bing, Fatima,Yulia and Claudi

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