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Refugee Crisis: Ukraine

The events unfolding in Ukraine are bringing home the horror of war, this time in Europe. 

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees are pouring over borders into western Europe.
Countries like Poland and Ireland are waiving visa requirements and allowing them free passage – but not the UK. 

PERN supports the rights of all refugees and asylum seekers to seek sanctuary in the UK.

There are links to two petitions below – the Refugee Council’s appeal to the Government to create safe routes to the UK, and, in response to the current crisis, 38 Degrees’ appeal for safe passage for Ukrainians who want to come here.

Our MP for Penrith and The Border, Dr Neil Hudson, has spoken in support of the Ukrainian people – let’s call on him now to back up his words with actions, and use his position to demand that the Home Office provide safe passage for Ukrainians.

Let’s also tell him that it is shameful that the Nationality and Borders Bill, as presently drafted, would criminalise refugees and asylum seekers, including from Ukraine, if they tried to come to the UK by independent means, and that this is not the compassionate,
welcoming country that we believe Britain truly is.  

Safe passage for refugees and asylum seekers 
Safe passage for Ukrainians
Email Dr Neil Hudson

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