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Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Naser ShariatPanah

Naser was a founder member of the Dunkirk Adult Learning Centre with Sarah Wilson back in 2015. Many of you will remember the stunning slides of Kurdistan Iran that he showed when he visited Penrith a few years ago. He has studied English diligently and here he writes of his experience.

“Leaving one’s homeland is not just about moving from one place to another. It is not a short vacation but the beginning of a new phase in the life of someone who will set foot on this path. Five years ago, when I was forced to leave my homeland, my mother, my father, my people, and everything I had before, to set out on an unknown and dangerous path, I did not know what to expect, but I knew I had to go. I had eaten the forbidden fruit; I was seeking freedom in the prison of tyranny.

The journey had begun, an arduous journey, with many ups and downs, a trip that could have cost me my life as many lost their lives along the way. After taking the risky route, and reaching the United Kingdom, I had another step ahead of me, it was the residence process, which had its difficulties. Fortunately, after a few months, I was granted the right to reside.

During the residency process, I had the opportunity to think about the future and choose the path of life that I had to start again. Fortunately, I realized that I could continue my education here. So I set going to university my goal, and I tried to balance work and study. From 2017, I went to different colleges. I took various courses, until finally, in 2020, I managed to get permission to study at university. I chose to study international business at the University of Liverpool, and I am currently studying at this university. Although studying at university is not easy, I am delighted to be studying at a prestigious university.

Despite all the difficulties, I was able to achieve one of my great goals and move towards a better future and other purposes. Academic education also helps me to better connect and adapt to British society.

I used to be a businessman, and in this country, my ultimate goal is to establish an import and export trading company soon. I would also like to help the country and community that has helped me to rebuild my life and allow me to succeed by establishing a successful business.

Creating jobs and having a successful business is beneficial for any society, especially in the current difficult times when the world is in crisis.

I want to thank everyone who helped me get to this point I wish all the best for them, Britain and my homeland Kurdistan.

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