June/July 2021

Here is Penrith and Eden Refugee Networks Open letter to our MP Dr. Neil Hudson.    It explains what we are asking for.   We hope you can sign it and get friends, acquaintances and colleagues to sign it.   Please email us your signed letter or to ask for copies and  signature sheets.   Don't hesitate to ask more.   Thank you for helping refugees.   It is who we are.     



26th July 2021

Dr. Neil Hudson, MP

House of Commons,




Dear Neil,

Together with Refugees


People in Penrith and Eden want kindness and compassion in our own lives, in our communities, and for others.  This includes upholding the long British tradition of welcoming people who seek asylum in the UK and giving them a chance to build a new life.   We have been happy to welcome refugees into Penrith and Eden and across Cumbria. Our community is enriched by the economic and cultural contributions of our increasingly diverse population - and this very much includes refugees.


We are shocked by the Government’s proposals that will prevent people seeking asylum in the UK and deny those who are waiting for a claim to be heard the means to live a dignified life.    How we treat refugees is about who we are.   If any one of us feared for our lives or for our loved ones, we’d want to know that others would help us to safety.  This means standing up for people’s ability to seek safety in the UK no matter how they came here and ensuring people can live in dignity while they wait for a decision on their asylum application.  It means empowering refugees to build their lives and make valuable contributions to our communities.  And it means the UK working with other countries to do our bit to help people who are forced to flee their homes. 


We ask you to examine closely the proposed new Borders Bill and the evidence presented during the consultation. In its current state, the Bill will not achieve its stated aims and will place more people in destitution at great cost to those affected directly and our whole society.  It undermines our humanitarian values and Britain’s position as a force for global co-operation. 


Unless there are substantive changes to the Bill that will ensure that the needs and rights of asylum seekers are met, we ask you to vote against it in Parliament.




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