Penrith and Eden Refugee Network

Penrith Pathways

The Penrith Pathway offers refugees the chance to visit Penrith and get to know it as a potential place to live, all with the support of locals and PERN, and, if they choose to relocate to Penrith, it ensures that they are supported and welcomed as part of the community.

Those who come to visit can stay with local hosts, explore Penrith, ask any questions they might have about life here and talk to PERN members about whether it might be a good location for them. Those who then choose to relocate to Penrith are provided with help to find work or training, hosts to stay with, if required, before long-term accommodation is found, English language support, help to access services such as healthcare and, most importantly, a network of friendly, local people to help them settle into their new hometown.