Penrith And Eden Refugee Network

Penrith and Eden Refugee Network


We are keen to learn and to share learning about refugees and asylum seekers. We want to get the true facts out in our community, and to support teachers, faith leaders and others whose work involves giving knowledge to people of all ages.
There are some great resources available for schools created by City of Sanctuary/ Together with Refugees ( The activity pack helps teachers to get their classes involved to show support of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. The pack includes resources to help teachers run simple activities in the classroom.
We also collaborate with a local school, Ullswater Community College, to bring the multi-media Exhibition, Escape to Safety, to Penrith. The Exhibition was created by Global Educational centre Global Link in Lancaster (, and through it around 1,500 local people will experience what it is like to be forced to flee your country and try to enter another one. The most recent Escape to Safety was held at UCC in Spring 2022. 
We also hold events, to increase our knowledge and to build solidarity and friendship. These include talks by people who work with frontline organisations that support refugees and asylum seekers, and films and discussions on refugee themes.
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